Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving on.

Tomorrow, myself and DH will head away for a few days break. We are meeting some great friends in a four star hotel - so can't wait.

How am I feeling? - Don't feel like crying at all which is great. Feeling a lot stronger. I'm in a kinda "live for the moment" type of mind which is great. I have 3 weeks until I go back to work and I want to pack as much in as I can.

I have a lot more energy back. When I was pregnant, I had ZERO energy - tiredness like I had never known!

Anyway I'll post again when I get back from my few days away - hopefully I'll have more thoughts of plans for the future when I get back.


  1. Enjoy the vacay. :)
    I like your new lease on life of living for the moment. We all need to try to do this a little more.


  2. That's so wonderful you are going away. I think that's the best thing possible under these uncontrollable circumstances.
    And I know what you mean about having energy all of a sudden. When I was pregnant last time I was really sick, and then as soon as I had the D&C for the miscarriage I felt great physically for the first time in months. It was surreal, but I was grateful for feeling normal physically again.
    Will be interested to see what you decide for next steps...good luck with your decision.