Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to work!

Not much going on at the moment. I am back to work tomorrow after 2 months off!! (Perks of being a teacher).
For the past week or so I have been getting AF pains - sometimes very strong. Still no sign of AF. The sooner it comes, the sooner I can start on BCP in preparation for upcoming FET.

I have also been eating very well this past week - really want to drop 7 pounds. I "attempted" some exercise last week. I did some running in the local park. I literally could not do any other exercise for the rest of the week as I had strained my thighs!! Anyway I hope to get back walking next week. Much prefer that to running.

I must not lose sight of what I have learned this past month. Mainly that myself and DH need to invest in each other. I am thinking of organising a weekend away soon - possibly to Edinburgh in Scotland. Also I want to do the things that make me happy - meeting up with friends, watching funny movies, getting out and about, having a facial/massage etc.

That's all from me at to mo!


  1. Have a great first day kids start tomorrow too. Goodbye summer! As sad as I am, I always enjoy getting back on routine. Glad AF is around the corner so you can start your next cycle. And good for you for taking care of yourself and your's easy to lose sight of that.

  2. I was going to provide an extensive list of Edinburgh pubs, but then realised you might not be drinking (if you are, then Cadenhead's whisky tastings are good).

    Top tip - the castle isn't worth fifteen quid to get entry, and you can get a good view from the esplanade (or visit the war memorial in the grounds for free!). Lunch at the Witchery costs the same as you've just saved. The tours of Mary King's Close are very good too.