Thursday, September 30, 2010


Rang the clinic today to tell him I am on CD1. I have to go in for a scan tomorrow (eeeeeww) with Hubby!

If all goes well, I'll begin injections tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Round 2...Ding Ding

Well, it's been a mad few months - lots going on!!

I will be starting IVF#2 in the next few days - just waiting on AF to arrive.
  • I am more nervous this time.
  • I am going to keep a lower profile in the real world - just wanna go under the radar this time.
  • I am soooooooooo scared about it not working - so I am just not thinking beyond each day.
This time I will be on much more medication to counteract AI issues - Heparin, Steroids, High strength folic acid, Vit B and lots more. I will be receiving Intra-lipids before and after transfer.

Fingers crossed..............