Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Break Time

Well as I've said in previous post, I'm taking a break from fertility treatment. I spoke with RE yesterday and she agreed to give me prescription for thyroid meds to keep that low and metformin, folic acid and aspirin. I met with my counsellor tonight and talked about the idea of taking a break. Part of that means I need to unplug myself from the blogworld that I have been a part of for nearly two years. Everyday I check my google reader and read the latest posts in the IF cyber world. In a way its like constantly talking to the other woman in waiting room of the fertility clinic...every day. In order to truly take a break, I need to just let all that go for a while.

So I'm saying goodbye for a while to all u lovely ladies in the blogosphere!! It will be like giving up an addiction!!!! But has to be done to give my head space and quieten my mind for a while.

Best of luck with all of your journeys, hopefully see you all in a few months :)