Monday, April 18, 2011

What NOT to say!

What is the one thing you DO NOT say to somebody going through IVF????

It's this: " I am EXTREMELY fertile and I have great eggs....i would love to donate my eggs"

Hilarious! I actually found it funny. This was from an acquaintance - well DH's friend's partner. She is actually nice and I know she meant no malice or did not mean to boast but seriously hello??? DH had told them about us going through IVF so yesterday they called over and I was filling her in on what had been happening (or not happening as they case may be!). And she came out with this. I felt like saying..."em no you're just hitting 40 and would probably not be eligible for donating eggs....and how the F do you know about the QUALITY of your eggs?" I didn't, I just smiled and nodded!
Some people eh?

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