Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slightly peeved!

The nurse in the clinic was meant to call me this week to arrange dates for transfer. No call at all by Friday. Now I know this nurse only works Wed/Thurs/Fri so I won't get a call till at least Wednesday. Urrrrgh. I wanted to put dates into my diary and make plans. I will call the clinic on Monday to see if another nurse can sort out dates. Not sure whether to say anything to my boss or just call in sick for the 2 days (transfer day and day after).

My "plan" didn't go too well this week. I had such bad period pains during AF, that I was eating painkillers which ended up keeping me awake at night...due to pain and codeine!! So I had no energy to do anything! Anyway next week will be better.

I heard some fab news about neighbours of ours. They are in their early 40's and are married about five years. They are pregnant!!! I am over the moon for them. I actually think it's the first pregnancy announcement that I have been GENUINELY happy about. That doesn't say much about me I know.

DH is away on a stag...such a fab weekend to be away...sun is splitting the trees! I've been staying with my mam and dad just for a catch up. I think we all had a bottle of wine each last night....feeling a bit hazy today! Nice to be looked after for a change.

That's all from me for the mo!


  1. Sorry that you didn't get a call as expected... it amazes me that we've paid so much money to our clinic and I've needed to call them a few times when it feels as though they've forgotten to call us. Hope this week goes more smoothly and I would definitely call in sick for your transfer to rest and look after yourself xoxo

  2. That would drive me nuts if I were waiting on a call like that, ugh. I hope next week goes much better for you!