Monday, April 4, 2011


I felt sad today...sad about the bfn, sad about having to do IVF, sad about previous miscarriage, sad about DH being so down....just sad.
But, I kept it together today...I was busy, barely sat down for five minutes. But every spare second I had, I just felt lost. Everyone else in work was just getting on with their normal lives, little did they know how I felt. Well one person did, my good friend who is really like a second mother to me.
When I got home from work, DH was home. Yes he was sad too. The good thing though was that he talked about it. He really believed that this FET would just work. Anyway talking helped. I made dinner and we had a lovely dessert...sticky toffee pudding.....yum! That cheered DH up a little.

I also rang the clinic this morning to arrange a phone consultant with my RE. She is gonna ring me tomorrow after 3 pm. I have a list of questions for her:

1. What quality were the embryos?
2. The first FET transfer was on cd 17, the 2nd was cd 21... Why? I think cd 17 is better?
3. Should we go for assisted hatching?
4. Why cramping  before transfer?
5. What can be done differently to make sure it works?
6. Can I start bcp straight away and start FET next AF?
7. I got intralipids  9 days before transfer...did this have an effect on implantation? Should they have been given 7 days before transfer.

I really hope she can answer these questions.

I'm just waiting on AF to arrive...pains are starting to increase. I didn't sleep well last night so planning to go to bed early tonight and sleep solidly

Gonna enjoy a glass of red wine too!!!! Tomorrow should be a better day!


  1. I am so sorry about your BFN. It does sound like you have a lot of good questions to ask though. I hope you get some satisfying answers and that you are able to do another FET soon!

  2. This is so hard hon. I'll be testing tomorrow and I just feel like a bfn is in store for me, as well. All those thoughts/questions have already been running through my mind. I hope you get some answers and can get started again soon. xoxo.

  3. Those are awesome questions, and I hope you get the answers you're looking for! It's always good to know things can be changed to help achieve your BFP. :)

  4. Sorry about my slow blogging this week... and sorry to hear that you've been feeling so sad - BFN is a nightmare and IVF hormones don't help :(( I had very similar questions... hope you get answers from your FS. Thinking of you xoxo