Thursday, March 24, 2011

Transfer Day!

Just a quick one - will post again later. Yesterday I cleaned our apt in prep for bed rest!
I had my first slice of pineapple this morning- gonna have a slice each day for five days to help implantation.

Cramps- still VERY crampy and bloated which is really unsettling. I suppose I just have to trust my clinic as they were very happy at last scan on Tuesday. But seriously why the cramps?

Embryos - the embryologist called at 9.30am to say that she would be thawing 2 embryos. She said they have a free slot at 3pm if I wanted to a take that. I said YES. The sooner the better I say! Just want those little guys back on board. So we have to be at clinic for 2.30pm.

I'm still lounging in bed. Gonna get up shortly- I want to have a bath and do a bit of grooming!!

I also have some Valium lined up to take before the transfer, hopefully that'll relax the uterus as well as relaxing me!

Ok this post was longer than expected! Will post later when I'm PUPO!

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  1. Yipeeee!!! Bringing the babes home! Let us know how all goes when you get home!! Good luck!!!!