Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Woke up with quite bad cramps this morning. Felt very down. Still crampy, no sign of spotting which is good. Lower back very sore. This really could go either way. 2ww really is horrible. Looking forward to getting intralipids on Thursday as I'll feel like I'm doing something proactive. This is hard.....


  1. I hear ya. I'm cramping too. And they feel just like AF cramps. This is so hard. I'm thinking of caving and taking a test in the next day or say. Yikes, I know. You still gonna hold out until this weekend to test?

  2. I've only had two real 2ww before this. I generally love them, they are so full of hope. However I don't feel anything this time. I wish there was a symptom, I wish that there was some way we could know. I want so much to know the results on friday, but at the same time I am feeling like they are not going to be what I want, and therefore I'd rather not know. eghh.

    So you're testing this weekend? When do you get your beta? Augusta will get her beta on friday too. the tension is growing!!!