Monday, March 7, 2011


Wow I've so much energy since starting on the steroids on Friday. Since Friday, I've got so much done - sorting out our back room which had become a bit of a junk room, getting through all the ironing ( hate that), and a general spring cleaning. Our apt is gleaming right now!

I never noticed the difference in energy last time - maybe because I was up to my eyes in work and was run off my feet. I think it helps that Spring is in the air too and the evenings are much brighter lately.

Oh god, I really am so scared thinking that this FET might not work or even worse the same thing happen as last time. I try not to give it any thought one way or the other but every so often, it creeps in, I try to brush it away but it's so hard.

Anyway tomorrow will be pancake Tuesday and I can't wait, I LOVE pancakes!!!!

I'm gonna give up drinking tea for's gonna be tough. My clinic advises against drinking caffiene after transfer so I may as well give it up now in time for the transfer.


  1. I love that I have a FET buddy for this cycle, and praying we can both celebrate together at the end of this. I read your previous post and I just have to's so interesting how even though we are both going through a FET our doctors have such different protocol. I'm not even going to see my doctor until a week from today, after being on Estrodial for 12 days. And all those things you listed...I have no idea what they are! LOL!!! I guess each doctor has their own reason for what they do.

    P.S. I was thinking of giving up coffee for Lent, since I plan on getting pregnant and will have to give it up entiretly too, so maybe I'll do that, too? :) If not, I think I'm giving up Facebook.

    Good luck with everything. Hope you have a great appointment on Friday!

  2. Best of luck for your FET :) Wish I was on medication that gave me energy - my stimulation drugs seem to sucking my energy away. With you through this cycle xo