Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Assessment Scan

I went in for a scan this morning to recheck things as I've been feeling very crampy. All went well, lining was measuring 12.3 (triple lining)and ovaries were quiet. The nurse (my favourite nurse!) said she was extremely pleased with what she saw. She didn't know but thought my body could be sensitive to the thick lining. So all systems go for Thursday...thank god.

A question for fellow long time ttc-ers: do u have faith in God throughout this long arduous process?? My mother in law was telling me to pray to St. Anne (Mary's mother) as apparently she had longed for a child for a very long time. I dunno about all that stuff anymore though...


  1. Hi there, I'm visiting from Cycle Sisters. Congrats on the good looking scan this morning. it is a relief to have the dr tell us that everything is progressing just as it should be. Especially after you;ve already been thru so much!

    We are also dealing with MFI, and midway thru our first IVF cycle. I am feeling so hopeful, and grateful that there is reason to be hopeful. You know, for so long cycles came and went without any chance at pregnancy, and now, we actually have a chance.

    My MIL is very very catholic. Ml and I are spiritual, but not religious. She prays for us and I know that it makes her feel better and is her way of trying to support us, so I appreciate it. There are times when she has pushed her beliefs on us, like when she insisted that she let her pay to send us on a pilgrimage to the mountain of medjugorje. www.childrenofmedjugorje.com.
    My husband almost lost it at her, but we talked and agreed that she was just feeling really helpless and wanting to do anything that she could to help.

    I know that I believe in love. I believe in good. I've learned that I am stronger than I ever imagined. and I've learned to value and appreciate the good things in my life fore than ever. I do believe that our path will eventually lead us to our children, I just don't know yet how or when.

    I am sure that your faith will find its rightful place to support you on this journey if you keep asking and looking. Take care!

  2. Yay! Glad everything is still a go! To answer your question...I'm a nervous wreck!!! More nervous than I was for my first IVF. How are you doing??? Excited?

  3. I have struggled with faith forth pat 7 years since my uncle died, but in the past year, found myself growing closer to it again. I think I find comfort knowing/thinking there is a plan for C and I and it's not just pure 3 1/2 years of bad luck. It's helped mento pray for less stress/anxiety and seems
    To work. I have my
    Wavering moments when I ask why and if there is a god, what are we being punished for. I guess that just comes with faith....trust it will be okay.
    Good luck and hope the cramping stops!!