Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well it's been two days since the transfer. I am still resting up in bed. Still feeling crampy but more of a heaviness now. Don't really think the Salbutomal made any difference to be honest. My lower back is killing me, maybe from lying in bed too long. I'm a nervous wreck everytime I need to use the loo for fear of seeing blood. I'm gonna go to my mam's for dinner later and hopefully have an early night tonight. Tomorrow I'm gonna go to to the cinema with DH - I want to see that film "Limitless". Then I really do have a busy week in work. I'm a teacher by he way! Which means I finish work at 2.40pm - which is usually great but means I have more time to kill on the 2ww!!

Thursday I am booked in for my second round of intralipids. One of my best friends just had her first baby there last Monday. So I plan on spending an evening with her this week too.

Hopefully it'll fly in!!!!!!!


  1. I feel that heaviness now too. I'm trying to extend my bed rest through the weekend, but I'm feeling so antsy. It sounds like your week will fly by. Well, hopefully it will! :) Is your beta scheduled for 4/2 like me?

  2. Rest up and hope the 2WW flies by.... next time, I'm definitely going to work through it and plan lots of things to keep me more busy. Thinking of you all the way xoxo