Thursday, March 24, 2011


Officially PUPO now! The transfer was over in 5 mins, super quick. I explained about the cramps, they were happy to go ahead. The doc prescribed me Sabutomal to ease the cramps. Unfortunately the chemist didn't have it but ordered it in for the morning. DH is gonna pick it up in the morn. Cramps are pretty bad right now so finding it hard to relax.


  1. I hope you've gotten some relief from the cramps and you are relaxing! Let the 2WW being... so excited and happy to say congrats on being PUPO!!!

  2. Fantastic... I was amazed how quick the transfer happened and then couldn't bring myself to go to the toilet for hours... just in case it 'fell' out :)) Hoping that your little one 'sticks' xoxo

  3. Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear about those awful cramps. :( I'm somewhat crampy today, but nothing too bad at all. My ET went really well (compared to our first one). Unfortunately, one of my embryos (the morula) didn't make it through the thaw, but we were still able to transfer our two high quality embryos. Here's to our 2WW!!! When is your beta? :)

  4. Wow positive thoughts for your blasties to stick..
    Can you use heat packs at all to help?
    I know I use them when I cramp and have bloating but am yet to have a blastie transferred so Im unsure
    but drugs are always good too