Monday, March 21, 2011


Well I phoned the clinic today to explain to them about the cramps. The nurse said that it really is nothing to worry about as the scan on Wednesday showed no follicle growth and good lining. Anyway I felt reassured for about an hour!! So I rang the clinic again after work and asked for another scan in tomorrow morning as I felt the cramps were getting worse. So I'm scheduled for an assessment scan for tomorrow at 8.20am. I just don't want to do the transfer if something is going wrong...for emotional and financial reasons! Anyway I am hoping that the scan will show everything looking good and things can go ahead on Thursday as planned. I just want to feel like I put everything into the cycle.

My theory on the cramps is this: when my lining reaches a certain thickness I begin to feel it. I've always felt crampy a good week sometimes more before af arrives as I usually ovulate quite late as in cd20/21.

The 2WW is hard enough...I really wasn't expecting to be this stressed out BEFORE the transfer.....ahhhhhhhh!

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  1. You're absolutely right to insist on doing everything that you can for this cycle to go perfectly :)) Good luck tomorrow xoxo