Sunday, October 30, 2011


I get my program in the gym today!! Bring on the hot bod!!! Hee hee

I had my assessment on Thursday and I was pleased to find out that I actually had not put on much extra weight over the past few months. I'm 9 stone 7 (think that's 133lbs) and I'm 5 foot 7 inches. BUT.....I'm flabby, seriously flabby. So the trainer reckons I should mostly do free weights and some cardio 3 times a week, no more than 40 minutes (phew, that's enough gym time for me). I will also try and do a class a week.

I'm meeting my counsellor on Wednesday evening. By this stage I will have spoken to my RE about trying naturally for a good few months. I'm hoping the counsellor can give me some tips on how to ACTUALLY switch off!

We put the clocks back an hour over here...nice to have an extra hour in bed!!

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  1. Have fun at the gym... I got back into it over the past few months and it did wonders for my health and helped me to feel positive again. Hope your appt with your counsellor and RE go OK too. Thinking of you xoxo