Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phone Consult

Well I had my phone consultation with my RE. She reckoned we follow the same protocol again for FET as it did work. Just unfortunate about the blighted ovum. She said I can start BCP with my next AF. Oh I hope it doesn't takes extra long to show up!!!

I kinda want to keep this quiet but really hard to not tell certain people. I just cannot lie either!

But I also must prepare myself for the fact that it may not hard to think about that!


  1. Maybe you could just tell the people that you care about and trust the most to have a solid support system:]

  2. You are right, it may not work, but it MAY work too! Wishing you luck and sending you good vibes :)

  3. It's nice you're staying positive, very hard to do but will benefit everything in the long run. Sending sticky vibes your way!

  4. Every time I say I'm going to keep it to myself so I don't have to explain when I'm not pregnant but the support during really helps from my perspective! Good Luck!