Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well on Wednesday I went for my scan and as expected, a definite miscarriage. Doc reckoned I passed the pregnancy sac on Monday night with the pain. Got to say, It really hit me all over again. Tough day.

On Thursday, my amazing DH took me away to a 5 star hotel for 2 nights to just chill. Nice food, nice

Today is Saturday and I'm feeling A LOT better. Actually looking forward to next FET.

Bleeding is starting to tail off, finally. Gonna phone my RE during the week to discuss next FET. The doc that scanned me was saying it was a blighted ovum. And another doc in the clinic said to me that every 3rd pregnancy they see ends in miscarriage. That actually made me feel less abnormal!! Weird!!


  1. I'm so sorry. :( You seem so optimistic and hopeful about the future, though. It must've been the 2 nights at the 5-star hotel. Sweet!!!! I'll be doing my FET within the next few months. When do you think you'll be doing yours? And that's an awful statistic the dr. said...the 1st trimester during pregnancy is so scary for that reason alone. I pray your FET brings you another baby and that this one sticks for the full 9 months. :)

  2. I'm so glad you got to go relax and take some time for yourselves. The loss can be such a desperate feeling, as you obviously know. I am thinking about you and rooting for you!