Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The transfer went VERY smoothly. My favourite doc did the transfer - he's so gentle. I had to empty my bladder a little as I was in excruciating pain as the transfer was about a half hour late. Apart from that it went well. The clinic have moved premises since the last transfer and have changed some protocol. Like this time they just wheeled my bed out of the theatre after the transfer. Previously, I'd have to walk out of the theatre myself. So I really felt like I'd given my embies a better chance this time.

Anyway just chilling in bed - watching Grey's Anatomy. How much maternity leave do you get in America anyone? Looks like Callie had gone back to work when the baby is only a few wks old - seems v young!

I wonder how this TWW will go - I usually start off well and then turn into a crazed mad woman. Ah it'll prob be the same again!!! But remember this time IT WILL WORK :)


  1. Glad to hear your transfer went smoothly! I think that is SO KEY in the success. My transfer that was successful went SO MUCH more smooth than the one that didn't. Anyway, I'll be thinking of you as you go through the emotions of the 2WW again. This time will work, though. I couldn't agree more! By the way...what does PMA mean? I've been trying to figure that out and I can't. :)

  2. Thanks Bobbi!

    PMA means Positive Mental Attitude!

  3. Here from Cyclesista. Hopeing your 2WW flies by and you are greeted with wonderful news!

    P.S. Before my recent promotion, my employer only gave 2 weeks paid maternity leave at my classification, but now I would get 6 weeks which seems to be the norm here in the U.S.

  4. The US has a federal Family Medical Leave Act that will protect your job for 12 weeks while you are out. You can take FMLA for maternity, paternity, because you are sick, or to care for a family member who is sick. All it does is prevent your employer from firing you, it does not offer any paid time off. Some of our states have disability leave laws that include maternity, but many don't. Best case scenario is that you could receive a portion of your pay for 6-12 weeks following pregnancy. Some large employers do offer paid maternity/paternity leave, but that is definitely not the norm. I work for the largest employer in our County and they offer no paid maternity leave, but will hold my job for me for up to 6 months. Unfortunately, giving birth is the single largest reason for a women to dip into poverty status in the US. Its a really sad statement about our values.