Thursday, May 19, 2011

Irritable uterus!!

Well I'll be having my transfer in 5 days. Feeling ok about it. On Sunday I started having cramps (9 days on meds) and totally freaked out. Like WTF is wrong with me?? I rang the clinic on Monday to let the doc know. So on Tuesday I was in for my scan (everything looks great). I met RE who said she'd put me on 'Buscopan' to relax uterus, 3 tabs a day. Ive to take Valium at night (loving it!), and then just before transfer I've to start 'Salbutomol' again to relax uterus. I asked her had she ever heard of this before as honestly I was starting to feel really abnormal :( She said yes she's seen this a lot - it's an 'irritable uterus'. So I felt better...a little.

Anyway, so far, so good, the meds seem to be keeping my womb chilled out.
5 days to go and counting.....


  1. Wow!!! Without you posting as much, this cycle just FLEW by!!! I'm glad your doctor is taking special care of you and your "irritable uterus." We need to make your uterus nice and happy for transfer! Thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed!!! :)

  2. Hope your irritable uterus stops being cranky... all those meds should do the trick :) Thinking of you for your transfer xoxo

  3. Love the medication for an 'irritable uterus' thats funny....geez they have drugs for nearly everything....god love modern medicine praise the scientists praise and goodluck on transfer

  4. Good luck on your cycle. Enjoy those Valium while you can :)