Saturday, December 18, 2010

4w 4days

Still can't quite believe it! The Cramps started easing on Tuesday now they are completely gone. I still can't get over how exactly they were like AF pains - same severe intensity.

My clinic doesn't do betas unless there is something to worry about. I'm booked in for 7 week scan in January - can't wait for that but I'll be nervous about it. Lines are continuing to get darker on my internet cheapie tests.
On Tuesday I'm gonna do another digi - I'm hoping it will show 3+

No symptoms at this point - feel totally normal. I keep waking up MAD early - more with excitement than anything else.
Will update on Tuesday.

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  1. I've never heard of a clinic that doesn't do betas. Sorry you have to wait so long for your scan, we had our first at 5 weeks. Try not to stress. You probably won't feel any symptoms for a while. But it won't be long before you notice a difference in how many trips you make to the bathroom!