Monday, May 24, 2010


Well on Friday, I was a "slow responder" and today I need to "Coast" due to too many follicles! High risk of OHSS at the mo.
Talk about roller coaster of emotions :(

There is a possibility of cancelling the cycle so have to stop all injections and return for a scan on Wednesday. If egg collections does go ahead, I'll have to freeze the embryos and to the transfer the following month when everything settles down.

At the mo, I just hope I get to Egg Collection. I can handle doing a FET next month, but don't think I can handle cancelling...feeling down right now.

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  1. Take it 1 day at a time, as it can change from one day to the next. Thinking of you and I hope your body will hang in there so that it can make it to egg retrieval. Hugs!