Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hard day

I started off strong, a few crying sessions, but got up, showered, dressed, put make up on, did my hair. My mam called in to see me. There were tears, she is truly devastated. But I held up strong, we talked things through, I felt better.
Kept the strength, me and DH popped out for McDonalds (yum). After that, I just went downhill, crying so hard I could barely breathe.

I'm going to see a counsellor this week...I need help with this grief. I need to come to terms with everything I have gone through with infertility. I also had a very sick DH over the past 12 months, I never dealt with that. He's doing great now BTW!

Will post tomorrow!

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  1. I definitely think seeing a counselor is a great idea! Lean on your loved ones to get you through this. Thinking of you!