Saturday, February 12, 2011

CD 1

AF finally arrived after 40 days - not too bad.

I rang the clinic and the nurse said to start BCP and that they will call me during the week to figure our dates for the FET. I just feel delighted to be finally doing something. Just waiting around in limbo land is a killer.

In the 5/6 weeks since the m/c, there has been an overload of pregnancy announcements. One girl in particular on Facebook who I know had fertility issues is pregnant and keeps making references to the fact that she is preggo on her status - I find that really annoying. Maybe I'll be like that one day but I hope not.

Anyway I have to get into a positive frame of mind now. Scared, excited, fearful, hopeful....

Need to start eating healthy in prep for FET. I've been pigging out big style since xmas. I'm up about 10lbs!! EEEK. Gotta sort that out!


  1. Here from LFCA...

    First, go ahead and "hide" the friend. She'll never know. When you're feeling brave, you can peak at her page or leave a little comment. But it'll be on your terms.

    Second, good luck with your FET! (I'm doing one right now).

  2. Another LFCA friend... sending you positive thoughts and encouragement. Best of luck with your FET!