Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Post

Well this is my first official post - wuhooooo!

I've set up this blog today to detail my journey through IVF/ICSI.
Bit of background info - I'm married about a year and a half to an amazing DH. Started trying immediately after joy. After about 10/11 months got some tests done. Turn out I have Polycystic Ovaries (although not the syndrome). And DH has good count but low motility and morphology. Our clinic recommended ICSI. Major shock to system for both of of us!!!

Anyway, long story short - we are starting our IVF journey on May 2010. I started on the pill (weird) about 2 weeks ago. Sniffer to begin in 8 days.

I am generally a very positive person and am hoping this attempt will work but I am building myself up to accept that IVF is a course of treatment and it may not work first time.
Trying to take each day as it comes. If anyone wants to share this journey with me, leave me comments, emails whatever - the more support the better I say!!!

Feel in major limbo at the moment though - I just want to get started ion the serious meds!! I actually picked them up the other day - scary. So much!!

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